3rd Live Act for the Blowout!

BREAKING NEWS! We just added a special live performance for our Saturday late night dance that I am VERY excited about! Check it:

Blues roots: Music through time. We are very excited to announce a very special live performance from Ebony “Isis” Booth and Joe “Daddy” Warner!
Join us in the intimate back room of Maple Street Dance Space for a unique live performance featuring Blues, soul, R&B, and even spoken word- all of which are directly informed by Blues. Ebony’s soulful voice (which has been compared to Lauryn Hill) will sing the likes of Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, and Erykah Badu, while the multi-talents of Joe will keep all the rhythms moving. You do not want to miss this.

We currently have a special sale for all 3 dances, just 50. Sale ends Sunday and if you need to save more money we still have room for volunteers!

The Blowout! starts in 2 weeks, time to grab those passes before prices go up next week!

What do your think? We want to hear!

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