DJ Expectations

Here’s some expectations we’d like from you when DJing!

One of our goals is to foster an understanding of the history and aesthetic of Blues idiom dance. This can be done by being exposed to the music genre itself. To do so, we encourage our DJs to learn about the music by listening to Blues, researching the artists, and finding new music that is not being played.

Some blues-related genres, such as Soul, early R&B, Jazz, and Gospel used to accent your sets or set up a certain mood is fine. It should not be close to the majority of your set without first checking with an organizer.

Be an Active Community Member

  • Promote the event and share how wonderful our dance is
    • Invite your friends
    • Share our dance events at other venues
    • Promote on Facebook

Engage with our Inclusive Community

  • Make friends in the community
  • Dance!
    • Dancing with others helps build this wonderful community we have.
  • Participate in lessons and workshops
  • Support our other DJs

Play Music Assigned

  • Keep track of what’s happening on the floor—keep people dancing!
  • Change the music if people aren’t dancing
    • Use candy (songs dancers love to get moving)
  • Play new music, we want to encourage people to learn more about blues through exposing them to its many styles. This can be just a song or two, or more.
  • Be aware of offensive language or inappropriate songs to dance to.
  • Adhere to blues genre music (or specific genre) assigned for your set
    • If you get requests for non-blues music, rather than just refusing, you can refer them to an organizer if they have questions.

Be Friendly 🙂

  • Smile
  • Chat with people
  • Meet and dance with new people

Be Willing to Work with Organizers

  • Ask for feedback
    • Be receptive to feedback
  • Be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled set
  • Monitor the volume of the sound throughout your set
    • Be mindful of organizers signaling to increase or decrease volume

Have Fun!

  • Dancers enjoy the dance as much as you do!

What do your think? We want to hear!

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